Our cheeses are made with Friesian Holstein and Jersey cow milk sourced from single herds located in the Central Highlands and Western District volcanic plains.

Taste the terroir of our cheeses at one of our local farmers markets.

Meet the Cheeses

Fresh Cheese

A fresh is a cheese that is not matured but simply salted or brined and is then ready to eat.

Surface Ripened Cheese

A surface ripened cheese is a cheese that ripens from the outside in.  Generically these are called brie and camembert.  The white fluffy mould that develops on the surface imparts distinctive flavours and texture to the cheese.

Blue Vein Cheese

Blue vein is known as the king of cheeses but how does the blue mould get in?  Well, the blue mould is already in the milk when the curd is formed and grows where there are air pockets within the cheese.  This is why the cheese is pierced to allow more air into the cheese.

Semi-Hard Cheese

Semi-hard vs hard cheese?  It’s all about moisture content.  Semi-hard cheese has been stirred for a longer period of time in order to remove moisture therefore improving the keeping quality of the cheese.  The curd could also be heated gently which is known as ’cooking the curd’.  The reduction of moisture increases the flavour intensity of the cheese.

Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses have the lowest moisture content of all cheeses.  These cheeses are “cooked” for longer and generally at higher temperatures than semi-hard cheeses.  As a result, hard cheeses take longer to mature and have more intense flavour profiles.