Blue Vein Cheese

Rich and tangy


St Barbara is a waxed blue vein made with milk from Jersey cows. The texture of the cheese is firm. The flavour is complex. At first it tastes like a mature cheddar with the blue vein flavour coming through in the after taste, but is only a mild blue flavour. This is a great cheese for the blue vein beginner and an interesting cheese for the blue vein aficionado.


Modelled on a Shropshire Style blue, this blue made with Jersey milk has an orange coloured paste which is coloured with annatto. The annatto does not alter the flavour of the cheese it only changes the colour so it is a striking cheese for your cheese plate. The texture of the cheese if firm with a very creamy mouth feel. The flavour is mild to medium.


This is our starter blue vein cheese, not too strong for the beginner but enough flavour for those that love a blue. Made with Friesian Holstein milk the texture is firm with a bit of creaminess.


The cheese that we make for those that are really into their blue veins. The recipe for this cheese was derived from information we found in an old information pamphlet about the making of the great English cheese, Stilton. Made with Friesian Holstein milk then matured for two months the Welshman’s Reef is firm in texture with a big blue flavour.