Fresh, Hard and Semi-Hard Cheese

Variety for all seasons

Fresh Cheeses


Not your average feta-style cheese, it is firm enough to cut into pieces or crumble but creamy enough to spread. Ballarat is lightly brined to give you the desirable saltiness but you can still taste the underlying flavour of the cheese so it is more interesting than salt and rubberiness. Made with Friesian Holstein milk the cheese has slight yellow colour due to the cream in the milk. The texture is firm but the mouth feel is creamy.

Hard Cheeses


A hard Tome Style cheese made with Frisian Holstein milk. Aged for at least three months in our maturing rooms where it develops a natural rind. The flavour is nutty and savoury.

Semi-Hard Cheeses


Lasseters Reef was supposed to be a blue vein but one day we forgot to put the blue mould in. We made it once by accident and now we make it on purpose. This cheese is classed as a semi-hard cheese, it has a crumbly texture but a creamy mouth feel. The flavour is bright and tangy. There is no trace of blue flavour as there is not blue mould!


Miners Delight is a semi-hard cheese with a sweet nutty flavour like a Swiss cheese but stronger, made with Friesian Holstein milk and matured for at least 3 months. It melts nicely so if good in a toasty or over potatoes.